Aygul Kalchurina





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Over 10 years of experience in software development. Strong mathematical background.

Have supervising teams up to 4 programmers.

Programming languages: Perl (RegExp, CGI, LWP, GD, ImageMagick, DBI, HTML::Template, HTML::Mason); Beginner on: JavaScript (JQuery, Ajax), PHP, #, C++, Ruby on Rails

Technologies and paradigms: HTML, CSS, CMS, XML, XSLT, MFC, Xaml, silverlight, Visual Studio, SVN

Application Software: Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Corel Bryce, MS Office, LaTeX, Home Site, FrontPage, Perforce

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 9

Web Servers: Apache, IIS

Strongest skills: Web development, optimization algorithms, developments for medical facilities (diagnostics a magnetic-resonance tomograph), team management. Dot.NET framework applications.


Region of employment: Russia, Kazan city.


2011, Ashmanov and partners

Position: Senior Perl Developer

Project Description:     Creating data portal www.takzdorovo.ru for the public health ministry of Russian Federation.

Responsibilities:           Developing new parts, services and functionality: test, diary of motion and nutrition, menu planner, integration with social networks (vkontakte, facebook, mail.ru).


Technologies:               Perl, Perl::DBI, HTML::Mason, SVN, Ajax, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL. Bug tracker - ActiveCollab


2006 2011, Exigen Services (outsourcing company)

DataMaxx Company Project

Position: Dot.NET Developer / April 2010 - April 2011

Project Description:     Developing UI for sites searches.

Responsibilities:           Enterprise Client Desktop (Silverlight desktop) to accommodate the arbitrary Silverlight applications.


Technologies:               C#, .NET 4.0, Silverlight 4, WCF, Xaml, Prism 4, MEF, BizTalk Server, MS SQL, Component One libraries, Obfuscation.

Adobe Company Project

Position: Team Lead / 2008 - 2010

Position: Perl Developer / 2006 - 2010

Project Description:     Developing UI for sites searches.

Responsibilities:           Developing search solutions for particular customers, implementing customer-specific features.


Technologies:               Perl, JavaScript, PHP, XHTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT


2005 2006, OAO TatNeft (oil production)       

Position: Oracle database administrator

Project Description:     Increase productivity of Oracle server

Responsibilities:           Database administration, SQL query optimization and programming, indexes creating.


Technologies:               Oracle 9, SQL, StatsPack, Explain Plan


2004 2005, Phys.-Tech. institute Russian Academy of Sciences

Position: C++ Developer

Project Description:     Developments for medical facilities

Responsibilities:           Development of the software for diagnostics a magnetic-resonance tomograph


Technologies:               Visual C++ (MFC, drivers, i/o ports, threads)


2003 2004, ICL-KME CS

Position: Technical writer

Project Description:     Documentation creating

Responsibilities:           Preparation of quality standards documents for equipment and software


Technologies:               MS Office, Windows XP


2002 2003, Greenline+

Position: Perl Web Developer

Project Description:     WEB-programming for corporate site

Responsibilities:           Scripting of web-services, data scraping, elaboration of web interfaces; training of beginners in programming

Technologies:               Perl, CGI, regexp, LWP, CSS, HTML



2007 2010, Russian Academy of Sciences

Department:                  Medical Physic

Speciality/Course:         Applied Mathematics, Engineering cybernetics

Gained Level:                post-graduate

Diploma Thesis:            Malfunction diagnostics of heat-exchange apparatus by mathematical models


2001 2006, Kazan State University

Department:                  Department of Computer Science and Cybernetics

Speciality/Course:         Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling

Gained Level:                MSc

Diploma Thesis:            Optimization of Oracle servers productivity


Certificates and awards:

Reiterated winners of physics competition.

"Best of the bests 2007" nomination in Exigen Services Company.



Date of birth:               19 February 1984

Marital status:              Married

Nationality:                   Russian

Foreign Languages:      English:  written and spoken


Hobbies:                     Swimming, Driving, Dance, Physics, Charity



Letters of Reference is available upon request from:


1) Robert Fornesi, Professional Services Manager

Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Francisco, CA.



2) Ilya Kurnosenkov, Project Manager

Exigen Services, Russia, St. Petersburg.